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NDC Symposium

NDC Symposium 2015

Welcome to the Neurobiology of Disease in Children (NDC) Web site. Each year, a topic in the field of children's neurological diseases is chosen and a symposium is held in the fall.

The topic for the 2015 NDC Symposium is Epileptic Encephalopathy. The NDC Symposium is a forum for preeminent investigators assembled to discuss recent accomplishments and future directions with a large group of child neurologists, program officers from the National Institutes of Health, and members of dedicated foundations and associations.

This Web site is a hub of information about the 2015 NDC Symposium for speakers, panelists, young investigators and Child Neurology Society conference attendees. The Web site also serves as a portal for information about this year's topic, Epileptic Encephalopathy, for researchers, practitioners, and friends and families of affected children. Following the Symposium, 6-to 10-minute summary audio podcasts of key topics and speakers will be uploaded for the community at large.

Neurobiology of Disease in Children


Watch and listen to what several of the panelists and speakers had to say about last year's conference.




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